Pumpkin cream soup with smoke aroma

2 portions - 50 minutes

Pumpkin cream soup with smoke aroma


One of the favourite autumn dishes – pumpkin soup is a bright, light and fragrant dish; in combination with smoked salt SPASSKIY® with Italian herbs it will definitely take a high place in your home menu.

Cheat sheet:

We recommend to salt the already made dish, so the fine aroma of smoke and spicy herbs will open better.


We pilled pumpkin, carrots and potatoes. Rinse and cut vegetables into pieces.

Divide the brisket meat into three parts. Put cut vegetables and two parts of meat into pot, pour water and put it on a stove.

After the vegetables are cooked, it is necessary to drain the broth and puree it with blender or manually.

Gradually add broth and bring the soup to a state of thick sour cream.

Pre-cooled boiled brisket meat cut into small pieces, combined with puree and bring the soup to a boil constantly mixing it.

Then remove the pot from the fire, add smoked salt with Italian herbs and let your soup brew a little.

Serve soup with sliced brisket meat, chopped walnuts and greens.


Pumpkin 450 g
Carrot 1 pcs
Potato 4 pcs
Smoked brisket meat 100 g
Walnut 50 g
Greenery to your taste
Smoked salt SPASSKIY® to your taste
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