Baked potatoes with bonfire coals flavour

2 portions – 15 minutes

Baked potatoes with bonfire coals flavour


A great way to save time in the kitchen is to bake potatoes in the microwave. You will get a delicious and rich dish. Let's season your dish with smoked salt SPASSKIY ® and remember nice picnics in nature, enjoying the taste of potatoes baked over the bonfire coals.

Cheat sheet:

When we salt and add spices to the already made dish, the aroma of thin smoke and spicy herbs will open better.


We take some potatoes of the same size, wash them carefully with the brush or stiff sponge for washing dishes. It is necessary to wipe the potatoes dry. Stab potatoes gently from all sides several times with a fork.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a toasted peel in the microwave. We put the baking mold to a heated oven up to 220 degrees. After a few minutes we can add smoked salt SPASSKIY® and black pepper.

If you use smoked salt with Italian herbs, you will get an Italian-style dish. Smoked salt with rosemary and garlic will give your potatoes a wonderful coniferous forest aroma and a delicate garlic flavour.


Potatoes 4-6 pcs
Smoked salt SPASSKIY® to your taste
Pepper to your taste
Olive oil to your taste
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