Greek salad with smoked salt

3 portions - 10 minutes

Greek salad with smoked salt


Khoriatiki ("village salad") – the landmark of Greece is known and loved by people all over the world. While mixing salad they rarely experiment with ingredients, but you will definitely like little improvisation with the addition of smoked salt or smoked salt with Italian herbs SPASSKIY®.

Cheat sheet:

Vegetables have to be cut into large pieces and put into salad bowl in parts without mixing.


Put sweet pepper (Bulgarian pepper) cut into large cubes into salad bowl, and then add red onions cut into thin half-rings and divided into "petals."

Next, take some cucumbers peeled and cut into large pieces, tomatoes cut into half rings. Add pitted olives and Feta cheese cut into cubes 1 cm thick.

Slightly sprinkle with smoked salt SPASSKIY ® (more interesting to take smoked salt with Italian herbs) and spray with olive oil.


Tomatoes 2 pcs
Sweet pepper 1 pcs
Olive 10 pcs
Cucumbers 2 pcs
Feta cheese 300 g
Oil 5 ml
Smoked salt SPASSKIY® to your taste
Red onion 1 pcs
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