Beef steak with smoked salt

2 portions - 15 minutes

Beef steak with smoked salt


Beef steak and smoked salt SPASSKIY® is the perfect culinary duet. Crispy salt crystals on the surface of the roasted steak give a piquant note to meat. If you use smoked salt with paprika and a pepper mix or smoked salt with rosemary and garlic the meat will be even more appetizing and moist.

Cheat sheet:

About an hour before cooking the meat should be removed from the fridge for warming at room temperature for 40 – 50 minutes.


There are many types of steaks. In our recipe we will use a slab of meat called "tenderloin" or "striploin." Meat dressing: first we must remove all vein from the wide side of the tenderloin. Then we cut steaks across the fibers at least two or two and a half centimeters thick.

Heat the pan, oil the steak, don’t add salt or pepper! Put steak onto the heated frying pan (grill, a brazier, a barbecue). We have to fry steak on both sides for 3 minutes. Then we slightly slack the fire and roast until it is ready under the 180 degrees, turning the steaks every 2-3 minutes to get a beautiful colour. Remove the steak from the fire and give it a rest for 5 minutes.

Now we sprinkle ready fried steaks with smoked salt SPASSKIY®. Smoked salt with paprika and pepper mix or smoked salt with rosemary and garlic are suitable for steaks best of all. Serve ready steak on a warm plate to prevent the meat juice getting cold. So, the ready dish will be warm for a long time.


Beef: thin rib, sirloin, rump, shoulder, steak or shoulder steak 600 g
Smoked salt SPASSKIY® to your taste
Pepper to your taste
Olive oil 2 table spoons
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