Garlic toasts

4 portions - 15 minutes

Garlic toasts


A simple recipe of garlic brown bread toasts can make your evening snack break a little more interesting. This snack was unfairly belonged to exclusively beer snacks. When combined with borsch, bacon or vegetables it won’t leave anyone indifferent. Seasoned with smoked salt SPASSKIY® this snack acquires a special spicy taste.

Cheat sheet:

Toast are better to make from day-old brown bread, so they keep better their shape.


Remove all crusts from brown bread (Borodinsky bread) and cut it into bars1 cm thick. Cut part of the peeled garlic into small cubes and mix it with olive oil, crush the rest with garlic crusher.

Fry bread in oil with garlic for 4-5 minutes.

Then grate your toast with garlic mass and slightly sprinkle with smoked salt SPASSKIY®.


Brown bread 200 g
Smoked salt SPASSKIY® to your taste
Garlic 5 - 6 cloves
Oil 75 ml
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